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Clairin Sonson Single Village Rum

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Clairin Sonson Single Village Rum is the 5th and latest addition to Velier’s very solid line of Clairins. This is made by master distiller Stephan Kalil Souad in the village of Cabaret using a traditional open fired pot still. Stephan also grows and produces his rum from a fantastic local cane called Madame Meuze. This local cane variety is cultivated on 25 hectares that also shares the space with banana and other fruit trees. Once harvested, the sugar cane is pressed and slowly reduced to syrup, and fermented spontaneously using natural yeasts.

This is an amazing flavour bomb of a rum unlike any other you have ever tasted (unless of course you have tasted the other 4 Clairin Single Village releases or the Clairin Communal blend)!

Tasting Notes: On the nose this is absolutely delightful. Loads of fruit, rhubarb, with some spearmint. Yet grounded with a baseline of earthy notes. Complex and delicious. On the palate reveals Vegetal, Salty, and Savoury notes with Treacle and Overripe cherries. Loads of the rhubarb from the nose. A very clever, complex and delicious rum.

  • ORIGIN: Haiti
  • AGE: Unaged high ester (flavour)
  • DISTILLERY: Distillerie Sonson Pierre-Gilles
  • ABV: 53.2% | 700ml

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Clairin Sonson Single Village Rum.Haiti is the last frontier of rum, and rum in Haiti is known as Clairin (kleren), a spirit unique only to Haiti with deep cultural ties. It is the rum of the people.

Clairin – a funky, full flavoured style of rum made in Haiti, generally from fresh crushed cane juice or sugar cane syrup. These spirits are made in tiny quantities by expert artisan producers. Clairin is very special (we would even say exciting) juice with a unique flavour profile. There are hundreds of Clairin ‘micro-distillers’ in Haiti, each with a quite distinct product, often family secret rum styles – the result of generations of learning & perfecting.

Website: www.lamaisonandvelier.com/velier/#Clairin

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