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Mount Gay Master Select 1703 Rum


Mount Gay Master Select 1703 Rum is a blend of hand-selected rums matured for a minimum of 10 Years from Mount Gay’s most rare casks. Their Master Blender personally identifies the finest rums in a given year, marks them, and sets them aside for blending into this exclusive, limited-production release. Exceptional!

  • ORIGIN: Barbados
  • AGE: Minimum 10 Year (100% Tropical Aging)
  • DISTILLERY: Mount Gay
  • ABV: 43% | 700ml

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Mount Gay Master Select 1703 Rum and the story of Mount Gay begins in Barbados. This is where the world’s oldest rum company was established, and where, since 1703, the most complex blends have come to life in ancestral ageing cellars.

On the original plot at the Northern tip of Barbados in St. Lucy parish sits a small building appearing as a humble stone shed. Beyond the doors resides a deep artesian well. First dug in 1703 by Mount Gay’s founders, this well is the very same one still used today. It is the heart of Mount Gay Distillery. Supplying the core of what makes Mount Gay rum so unique—Barbadian water. Drawn upwards from coral caverns, hundreds of feet below. Finely filtered by the island itself. Delivering time-tested purity and smoothness unlike any other rum produced anywhere else.

Website: www.mountgayrum.com

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