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English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Rum


English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Rum is a deep mahogany rum distilled from molasses aged for a minimum of 10 years in ex-whisky and bourbon barrels. First unveiled in 2006, English Harbour Reserve 10 Year instantly began making a name for itself and gave English Harbour 5 Year Old drinkers something to graduate to. A perfectly balance rum with incredible smoothness and refinement.

Tasting Notes: Lightly heavier in flavour and taste than the five year old rum. Initially soft and closed. The smoky oak flavours are well balanced with citrus, dried fruits, vanilla and burnt sugar notes. Coconut, cinnamon and tropical florals on the aroma prepare you for butterscotch in the initial taste followed by a touch of thick coffee and baked apple in the viscous mouth feel.
Smoky cedar in the body lasts through the finish and opens beautifully revealing hints of spice – cardamom, menthol, rosemary, caramel and ripe blackberries.

  • CLASSIFICATION: Traditional Rum
  • DISTILLERY: Antigua Distillery
  • ORIGIN: Antigua
  • AGE: 10 Year (100% Tropical Aging)
  • CASKS: Small Oak Casks
  • ABV: 40% | 700ml

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English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Rum is a superb example in the acclaimed English Harbour rum range from Antigua Distillery.

In 1929 a group of eight local businessmen came together to buy molasses in bulk from the government-controlled Antigua Sugar Factory, and from the smaller, independently owned Montpelier sugar factory, which they later bought. They raised £2,500 as capital, and in 1932 they formed a company which they named Antigua Distillery Limited.

Website: www.antiguadistillery.com

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